Tomatillo - Heirloom Purple Tomatillos (Physalis ixocarpa) Heirloom Purple Tomato Tomatillo Non-GMO Organic Vegetable

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Tomatillo - Heirloom Purple Tomatillos (

Physalis ixocarpa) Heirloom Purple Tomato Tomatillo Non-GMO Organic Vegetable


Height up to 20 in

Hard to Find! These uniquely coloured relatives of the Mexican tomatillo are bushy spreading plants that can grow 20 inches tall! Small cherry sized fruits are round like a golf ball, and have an average diameter of 1 or 2 inches at maturity. Purple tomatillos starts out green, then turns a dusky eggplant colour brown and the husk splits open as the fruit matures.

Purple tomatillos, botanically named Physalis ixocarpa or Physalis philadelphica, are a member of the Solanaceae family alongside the tomato, and are in the genus Physalis, along with the cape gooseberry.

The purple varieties tend to be a bit less sour than the green, although both are tart. These will give your Chile Verde dish a new and exciting colour! Showy purple tomatillos are great for sauces, salsas and chutney, or can just be grown as a beautiful ornamental. Purple tomatillos are uniquely beautiful and rare to find. Heavy self seeders - collect the seeds and sow anywhere.

  • Full Sun
  • Loose well draining and rich soil
  • Sow indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last frost; sow 1/4 to 1/2 in deep
  • OR direct sow outdoors if temperatures are warm enough, and there is a long season to allow to reach maturity
  • Spacing: 18 to 36 inches
  • Germination 7 to 14 days
  • Maturity typically 75 to 100 days 
  • Seed Count: 25