Lemon Balm - Herb (Melissa officinalis) Non GMO & Organic Aromatic Herb

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Lemon Balm - Herb (Melissa officinalis) Non GMO & Organic Aromatic Herb


Height 12-24 in

Heart-shaped leaves, lemon fragrance, with an abundance of nectar in the flowers; bears small white flowers in tight clusters

  • Full sun; will tolerate shade
  • Sow seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last spring frost. Seeds require light to germinate so do not cover them or cover them only lightly with fine soil; transplant into the garden after the last spring frost.
  • Direct sow around the date of the last frost. Seeds can be slow to germinate. Also, sow seed in late summer or fall. Root divisions can be planted at any time during the growing season but will become established quicker in cool weather. Cuttings from new growth can be started in moist sand.
  • Keep the seedbed moist until seed germinates.
  • Pick leaves throughout season to make tea, use in cooking etc
  • Companion Planting: grow lemon balm with broccoli, cauliflower, and other cabbage family plants. The fragrance of lemon balm helps deter insects that attack cabbage family crops and also masks the smell of cabbage.
  • Plant lemon balm with hollyhocks, angelica, and nasturtiums.
  • Attracts honeybees; plant it near fruit trees to aid pollination.
  • Seed Count: 100