Our Roots

Bumbleseeds is a family owned and operated online seed emporium based out of beautiful Vancouver Island. Our 'bumbleseeds' vision sprouted while we (Kim and niece Kyla), were sitting around the dining room table one January 2020 evening - good food, great wine and interesting conversation.The discussion centered around the news of the day - biologists discovered through ongoing research that our planets' bumble bee populations were disappearing at rates consistent with a mass extinction! 
And, to make matters worse...if declines continue at this pace, many species could vanish within a few decades. Sadly, this situation is said to be driven entirely by human activities and if measures were taken, could be reversed. We decided to do our part and help make a difference. If actions speak louder than words, then we needed to do something now, starting on a local level; we hopped onto the global buzz to help create public awareness, and stress to our fellow Canadians that it was not too late to make a difference. If we all did our part - plant a pollinator garden, container or window box, in an effort to help struggling pollinator populations - we could all be a part of the collective hive!We created our own family operated seed company 'bumbleseeds,' based upon Kim's son Isaac's grade school drawing below.
Meet Queenie B...our inspiration for bumbleseeds
Who knew that Isaac's grade school pencil drawing of a bee would become the inspiration for a business logo fifteen plus years later?


One year in and bumbleseeds has blossomed into our vision to create awareness about helping pollinators, but also the necessity to 'know what you grow' - by sowing, growing and harvesting seeds so our families eat better. We are so proud to provide all gardeners with cost saving, locally and Canadian sourced, organic, heirloom and non-gmo seeds.

We ship Canada wide.


Did You Know? Without pollinators, we would have 1/3 less food to eat! 
bumbleseeds partners with all Canadians looking to grow seeds into healthy food, create beautiful pollinator friendly and bountiful vegetable, herb and flower gardens. 
Planting heirloom seeds creates a sustainable food source for many pollinators, helps provide abundant crops for you and your family, and the seeds can be planted again. Helping our invaluable pollinators thrive once again - helps all of us. Our beneficial pollinators (we call these the 4 B’s), and specifically our bee populations, need all of us to plant more heirloom classics and pollinator friendly gardens and create habitats so they become self reliant once again. And we all eat better!
Newbee? Seasoned Gardener? 
Gardeners understand the importance of planting native food sources for 4 B pollinators like beetles, bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths and flies; helping them - helps all of our gardens really blossom! Whether you’re a 'newbee', just starting to catch the gardening buzz, or a seasoned expert, you too can help make a difference! No matter how small!
Kim and Kyla Rawlins
From our family to yours...we invite you to visit our online seed emporium. Flit through the pages and meander through our varied seed flower, vegetable and herb collection.
Thank you to everyone for supporting bumbleseeds and our vision to make a difference! And, thank you to all Canadian gardens for attracting more of our 4 B’s to your gardens!