Melon - Bidwell Casaba (Cucumis melo) HUGE Casaba Heirloom Melons NonGMO Fruit

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Melon - Bidwell Casaba (Cucumis melo) HUGE Casaba Heirloom Melons NonGMO Fruit


Bidwell casaba melons are large unique football-shaped melons that produce a creamy texture, pleasant aroma and a flavour reminiscent of orange sherbet. Melons range in size from 15 to 16 pounds (7 kg.), and measure 12 to 15 in long, and are more than double the size of a regular casaba.

Casaba melons originated in Kasaba, Turkey, and Bidwell Casabas were brought to America (California) by a landowner; the plants thrived in the rich agricultural soil near the California city of Chico, USA and are much enjoyed for their unique shape, size and flavour.

  • Full Sun
  • Soil: loose well draining and rich
  • Sow seeds directly outdoors after the soil warms in spring and evening temperatures are consistently above 55 F. (13 C.). Plant the seeds in hills 5 to 6 feet apart (2 m.), with 3 or 4 seeds per hill. As soon as the seedlings are established, thin them to the two strongest plants in each hill.
  • OR start seeds indoors about 3 weeks before the last frost and transplant outdoors when the seedlings are strong enough to handle
  • Germinates 7 to 14 days
  • Spacing: 24 to 36 in apart.
  • Maturity 90 to 95 days
  • Harvest: when the rinds have ripened from rich, grayish green to bright yellow with green stripes. Ripe melons are easy to separate from the vine.
  • Seed Count: 10