Xeriscaping Prairie Wildflowers Meadow Mix - Xeriscape Floral Mix Flower

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Xeriscaping Prairie Wildflowers Meadow Mix – A Great Blend of Annuals and Perennials Wildflower Flowers Mix                                                             

Annual and Perennial

Heights varying from 10 - 36 in tall

Create your own Drought Tolerant Wildflower Meadow!

We have included many classic blooms native to arid and drought-prone areas in our newest wildflower mix.

A mix of summertime floral colours.

20 different heat and drought tolerant wildflowers including:

  1. Siberian Wallflower
  2. Evening Primrose
  3. Spurred Snapdragon
  4. African Daisy
  5. Sweet William
  6. Black-Eyed Susan
  7. California Poppy
  8. Sweet Alyssum
  9. Plains Coreopsis
  10. Blanket Flower
  11. Garland Daisy
  12. Indian Blanket
  13. Shasta Daisy
  14. Prairie Coneflower
  15. Corn Poppy
  16. Gloriosa Daisy
  17. Rocky Mountain Penstemon
  18. White Yarrow
  19. Catchfly
  20. Strawflower

  • Full sun
  • Dry, loamy, and well-draining soil.
  • Place the seeds into a small bucket or container.
  • Add some fine sand and mix thoroughly.
  • Broadcast over prepared grass free area with full sun.
  • Water in lightly.
  • Prairie Meadow Mix thrives vigorously in dry and arid gardens.
  • Do not over-water and do not use pesticides because they harm pollinators.

Coverage Rate = 50 square feet

Seed Count:  7 gr