Peas - Cascadia Snap (Pisum Sativum) Sugar Ann Snap Peas Non GMO & Organic Heirloom Vegetable

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Peas - Cascadia Snap (Pisum Sativum) Snap Peas Non GMO & Organic Heirloom Vegetable


Height 2 ft

Cascadia Snap is an extra early and fantastic snap pea variety. Bushy plants produces masses of pods loaded with sweet, flavourful and crisp 2 inch seed pods that can be enjoyed early in the season...raw, steamed or cooked!

  • This variety grows on short, 60 cm (2') vines which do not require trellising. This open pollinated variety has excellent resistance to pea enation virus and powdery mildew.
  • Direct sow seeds 1 1/2 in deep, 2 1/2 in apart, in double rows spaced 10 in apart. Space each set of double rows 2.5 ft apart.
  • Peas can also be sown in blocks 48 in square with the seeds spaced 2.5 in apart within the block.
  • Excellent choice for canning and quick freezing
  • Matures in 56 days
  • Harvest the peas just as the peas are starting to develop. The sweetness of the peas diminishes quickly so pick them just before you use them - the entire pod is edible and sweet!
  • Sow seed regularly between March and June for continuous crop. For the sweetest tasting pods, harvest when they are large and peas are just starting to swell. 
  •  Excellent choice for smaller garden spaces and a great option for container growing.
  • Seed Count: 25 gr