Pumpkin - Howden Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern (Cucurbita pepo) Organic - Non GMO

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Pumpkin - Howden Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern (Cucurbita pepo) Organic - Non GMO

Howden pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) is a popular choice for North American growers; its large, round shape and deep orange hue make it ideal for the Halloween market. It yields generously and will weigh up to 25lbs when fully matured, taking around 115 days to do so.

Cucurbita pepo, also known as Howden pumpkin, is a popular choice among growers for its long and barrel-shaped fruits well-suited for carving. These pumpkins reach around 14" in height by 8" in diameter with bright orange skins and yellow-orange flesh. An early start can be achieved indoors in May with transplanting into warm, nutrient-rich soil in full sun come June. Enjoy great potential for carving Jack-o'-Lanterns with Howden pumpkins.

Average Weight: 5-25 pounds

  • Full sun
  • Well draining soil
  • Start seeds indoors: sow seeds 2 cm 1 in deep. Sow 3 seeds in each spot you want a plant to grow and thin to the strongest plant. Keep in a sunny spot until germination occurs.
  • If starting transplants indoors, consider using the 12-cell plug inserts, or a 3 in pot and transplant when all risk of frost has passed.
  • OR plant outdoors after frost has passed

It takes about 90 - 110 days to grow pumpkins so planting by mid-July is the usual goal for farmers who will need some time to grow in time for late fall season

  • Spacing: minimum of 90-120cm (36-48″) apart in rows 120-180cm (48-72″) apart.
  • Plant in hills, mounds or rows
  • Dig in a generous quantity of finished compost and/or composted manure.
  • Dig in 1 cup of complete organic fertilizer under each plant.
  • All pumpkins grow male flowers first, then the female flowers are produced.
  • Germinates in 7-14 days
  • Seed Count: 5