Prunella Vulgaris - Self Heal ( Prunella vulgaris) Common Heal All Woundwort Heirloom Herb

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Self Heal ( Prunella vulgaris) Common Heal All Woundwort Heirloom Herb


Height 12 to 18 in

Prunella Vulgaris, also known as common self-heal, heal-all, woundwort, heart-of-the-earth, carpenter's herb, brownwort or blue curls, is a herbaceous plant in the mint family Lamiaceae.  Self-heals often grow as low weeds in lawns or disturbed areas. The prostrate branches root readily wherever they touch soil. Prunella Vulgaris produces tiny, two-lipped, lilac-coloured or white flowers that are clustered above upright dense spikes; leaves have sparsely toothed or smooth margins, and are borne in pairs along the square stems. 

The Prunella vulgaris plant has been used medicinally for centuries; the entire plant is edible, and can be used both internally and externally to treat a number of health complaints and wounds. The plant's most common use is for the treatment of cold sores. And, parts that grow above the ground are sometimes used to treat inflammatory bowel disease such as (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis), diarrhea, colic, and stomach upset and irritation (gastroenteritis).

Prunella Vulgaris typically starts blooming in early summer; if the spent flowers are removed, the floral show continues all summer long. Prunella Vulgaris makes an excellent candidate for containers, and is a member of the mint family can become invasive so plant it where you can control its spread. Highly attractive to butterflies and resistant to deer.

  • Full sun
  • Moist, well draining soil
  • Sow seeds in a tray in a cold frame in spring
  • OR sow direct where you want the plants to flower in late spring, 2 mm deep
  • Germination is slow and can take up to 8 weeks. If sown in a cold frame, transplant seedlings when they're large enough to handle, into 9 cm pots, and grow on before planting out in late spring
  • plants appreciate a consistent supply of moisture, especially in the summer - don't let the plants dry out. Mulch to help maintain consistent soil moisture.
  • Plant self heal where you can keep it from "running" through your garden.
  • Seed Count: 50