Oregano - Italian (Origanum vulgare) Organic Oregano Non GMO Heirloom Herb

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Oregano - Italian (Origanum vulgare) Organic Oregano Non GMO Heirloom Herb


Height 24 in

Organic Oregano is an Italian heirloom variety that produces one of the more pronounced, robust, and aromatic herbs in the mint family. Tenacious and weed-like once established, Organic oregano is commonly known as a 'wild marjoram' for having a woodier, earthier habit and flavor than true marjoram. Culinary oregano seeds are ideal for indoor, patio, or container gardening, maturing at about 12-24" tall. 

Oregano is a perennial herb with purple flowers that easily spreads by underground runners. Oregano seed grows dark green plants that get 2 feet high and have a nice aroma. A standard kitchen herb and a must for every herb garden.

  •  Full sun
  • Best started indoors in early spring. For earliest starts, begin indoors 8-10 weeks prior to last frost. Loosely plant 5-6 oregano seeds per cell or per square inch and mist heavily. Oregano seeds are best sown with a thin layer of soil no more than ¼" deep, ideally less, and kept warm under a humidity tray.
  • Germinates in 7-14 days with full sunlight.
  • Thin 10 to 12 in apart when 4 in tall.
  • Transplant oregano seedlings when they have reached about 6" tall, transplanting one start per pot or 12-18 in in the garden.
  • OR sow direct outdoors in spring, only cover slightly with soil as oregano seed requires some light to germinate.
  • Tolerant to drought, erosion, and poor rocky soils.
  • Harvesting: individual stems and sprigs may still be harvested as long as those particular stems are without any flowering. Oregano can be harvested as early as 50-60 days from transplanting, guaranteeing the youngest, most flavorful, and tender leaves possible. Harvesting from established oregano plants will require a more scrupulous eye to differentiate the woodier, more mature sprigs from the new and aromatic growth preferred for culinary use.
  • Seed Count: 1/4 gr