Muscari - Grape Hyacinth (Muscari neglectum) Common Grape Hyacinth Blue Muscari Flower

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Muscari - Grape Hyacinth (Muscari neglectum) Common Grape Hyacinth Blue Muscari Flower


Height 6 in

Gorgeous Spring explosion of colour! These grape-like, covered spikes offer beautiful oxford blue long-lasting blooms. Muscari, also known as Common Grape Hyacinths or Starch Grape Hyacinths, are hardy and very easy to grow, and form a brilliant carpet when allowed to naturalize.  Muscari neglectum is a perennial bulbous flowering plant in the asparagus family Asparagaceae, and are native to Eurasia.

The buds and flowers of the little grape hyacinth are the edible part of the plant. Resist using any other bits, as they contain saponins that are bitter and slightly toxic to humans, and very toxic to cold-blooded animals. Always consult your health practitioner before use.  Butterflies and bees pollinate the flowers. They are great companion plants to other flowering bulbs or perennials. Grape Hyacinth is frequently found in abandoned fields, scrub and in exposed rocky places and prefers a rich open well-drained soil and a sunny position, although it is easily grown in any well-drained soil. It is a perfect candidate for a rock garden or wildflower meadow.

Note: Artificial heat is not needed and can prevent germination so be very patient as many species will only germinate in the spring after chilling or freezing in the moist seed pot in the winter.

  • Full sun to part shade 
  • Well draining soil
  • Direct sowing: sow seeds at any time - cover very thinly with compost or grit. Keep the pot in a cool and well lit spot. Transfer seedlings to larger pots until they reach a sufficient size that they can be planted directly into the garden.
  • Harvest: after plants have finished blooming, they set small seed pods that ripen and disperse over summer. By the following spring, many of the dropped seeds will sprout as new plants. Harvest the seed and propagate your own plants where you want them.
  • Seed Count: 25
Grape Hyacinth Tea:

Mix the extract with equal parts of sugar and warm over a stove top to create a grape hyacinth simple syrup. This can be added to teas or sherbets or added to iced tea instead of lemonade. The flavour of Muscari is distinct and unique- it lends a floral, bitter, earthy flavour with a hint of grape. Its hollow leaves resemble onion or garlic but do not have the same odour.