Morning Glory – Heavenly Blue (Ipomoea tricolor) 'Heavenly Blue' Climbing Flowering Vine

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Morning Glory – (Ipomoea tricolor) 'Heavenly Blue' Vine


Height: 8-10 ft

Lovely fast growing vine with iridescent dark sky-blue 7 cm trumpet flowers that will make any structure, fence or post a feature! Great for cottage gardens, twining up a porch, fence or trellis. Large heart shaped leaves are a great backdrop to the beautiful blooms.

  • Bloom time depends on temperature; blooms will unfurl as the temperature climbs and close up if the sun gets too hot.
  • Stunning blue when they open in the morning and turn to a light pink before they close in the evening.
  • Soak seed 24 hours and direct sow in a hot spot or germinate at 65 -70 degrees F in individual
  • Can reseed itself
  • Attracts bees, moths, beneficial bugs and hummingbirds
  • Seed Count: 1 gr