Lavender - Yellow Spanish (Lavendula viridis) Green Lavender Rare Heirloom Flowering Shrub

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Lavender - Yellow Spanish ( Lavendula viridis) Yellow Lavender Rare Heirloom Flowering Shrub


Height 2 to 3 ft

Absolutely Stunning! Yellow Lavender is big and bold in colour, shape and fragrance. This is a hard to find heirloom variety of the well known and loved purple flowering shrub. Yellow Lavender, also known as green lavender, thought to originate in the Portuguese achipelago Madeira, can be documented back to the 17th century.

Gorgeous soft chiffon yellow blooms come out at the same time as other early lavenders; the leaves are also a yellow-green colour, and are said to be the best of all lavenders for grilling, herb breads and hearty dishes. Yellow Lavender has a pine like aroma similar to a rosemary flavour with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Plants prefer warm summers and mild winters; even though extremely drought tolerant, keep the plants properly hydrated stops the branches from dying out. All lavenders, including this yellow variety, should be pruned by at least a third after it blooms in early summer. This helps to maintain a tidier appearance and encourages re-blooming.

Lavandula viridis (Yellow lavender) will reach a height of 0.6m and a spread of 0.75m after 2 to 5 years. Culinary uses: lavender adds a subtle sweetness to just about any dish; it also packs Ursolic acid, a nutrient that may help fight cancer and burn more calories. Blend you own salt free seasoning with lavender, chives, rosemary, thyme and fennel.

  • Full sun
  • Well draining soil
  • Lavender seeds can be sown directly in the garden, but they germinate much more reliably when started indoors in a seed tray. Use a light, seed starting potting mix, and gently cover each seed with a thin layer of soil. Lavender germinates more quickly when it's exposed to sunlight, so don't cover them entirely.
  • Seed Count: 10