Squash - Honeynut (Cucurbita moschata) Open Pollinated Climbing Buttercup Squash Vegetable

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Squash - Honeynut (Cucurbita moschata) Open Pollinated Climbing Buttercup Squash Vegetable



Honey Nut Squash originates from Cornell University and is a fantastic cross of butternut and buttercup squash.

Adorable 4 to 5 in long mini butternut squash (1-1½ lbs) that grow on trailing vines - this the perfect crop to grow in smaller gardens! Honeynut's small size and low weight  allows it to be planted to trail up a fence or trellis and the fruit will not rip off the vine.

Skins are dark green then turn to tan and finally turn a rich burnt orange at maturity. Wonderful orange fruit with sweet flavor and bred for a resistance to powdery mildew. Very easy to cut in half and bake. Stores short lived, and must be consumed within two months.

  • Full sun
  • Matures in 100-110 days
  • Direct sow 2-3 seeds per hill, 1 in deep and several inches apart. Firm the soil over the seeds and water well with a gentle sprinkle that does not dislodge the soil from the mound or flood out the seeds.
  • The seeds should germinate within 2 weeks. Once they sprout, thin to 2 plants per mound
  • OR start seeds indoors 3 to 4 weeks before the last frost and transplant outdoors after all risk of frost has passed.
  • Provide seedlings with good ventilation, strong light and even moisture.
  • Seed Count: 20