Hollyhocks - Heirloom Single Blooms - Mixed Colours (Althaea rosea) Malva Heirloom Flower

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Hollyhocks - Single Flowers - Mixed Colours (Althaea rosea) Single Mixed Colours Holly Hocks Heirloom Flower


Height 8 ft

Stunning! Old fashioned Hollyhocks have single blooms that bees absolutely adore! Also known as Alcea rosea, Alcee Rose, Althaea ficifolia, Althaea rosea, Althea Rose, Hollyhock Flower, Malva, Malva Flower, Malvae Arboreae Flos, Passerose, Rose Mallow, Rose de Mer, Rose Papale and Rose Trémi.  Hollyhock is a genus of over 80 species of flowering plants in the mallow family Malvaceae which are commonly known as hollyhocks, which are native to Asia and Europe.

This variety is an heirloom; a hard to find old fashioned single bloom that is perfect for any border, cottage garden or as a stand alone statement with 4 inch wide red, rose, pink, and white flowers in staggeringly towers.

Hollyhocks are native to central Eurasia and may have been brought to western Europe during the time of the crusades. Hollyhocks were brought to America by early colonists because of their medicinal uses, and they were easy to grow. Wonderful against a fence, a wall, or in the corner of a garden, it can grow to 8 feet. Tough and sturdy – tolerates poor soils. 

  • Sun to part shade
  • Summer to fall
  • Direct seed 2 weeks before last frost. Cover with 1 cm of soil.
  • OR start indoors 8 weeks prior to the last frost. Transplant seedlings when they are strong enough to handle and after all risk of frost has passed.
  • Spacing: 30 cm
  • Frost hardy.
  • Harvest seeds after the pods turn brown; let dry in a sunny spot and store in a cool dark place until ready to plant.
  • Seed Count: 80