Hollyhock - Fig Leaf (Althaea ficifolia) Antwerp Fig Leaf Hollyhocks Malva Heirloom Flower

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Hollyhock - Fig Leaf (Althaea ficifolia) Antwerp Fig Leaf Hollyhock Malva Heirloom Flower


Height 7 ft

Fig Leaf Hollyhocks, also known as the Antwerp Hollyhock, is a rarely offered species of heirloom hollyhocks that are much less susceptible to rust. Alcea rosea, the common hollyhock, is an ornamental dicot flowering plant in the family Malvaceae. 

  • This variety originated in Europe from southwestern china around the 15th Century. 
  • Excellent cut flower! Huge (8 cm or 3 in W) funnel-shaped flowers ranging from yellow, white, copper and rose-red ( may contain pink) adorn its nearly 7 ft tall stems! Strong-growing easy perennial makes a statement in borders and is great for cutting and cottage gardens.
  • Direct sow in June; thin to 45 cm or 17 in apart.
  • Or start indoors 8 weeks before last frost; transplant when seedlings are strong enough to handle and risk of frost has passed if you want flowers in the first season.
  • Well drained soil.
  • Sun to partial shade.
  • Stake if position is windy.
  • Seed Count: 40