Daisy - Ox Eye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) Marguerite Flower

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Also known as the  oxeye daisy, moon daisy, dog daisy or common Marguerite

The ox eye daisy has a typical daisy-like appearance, with larger single white flowers at the end of stems that contain 20-30 petals and a yellow center.

The ox eye daisy is a perennial plant that is often confused with the ornamental Shasta daisy (edible) which is a taller plant with larger flowers and a toothed whole leaf.

The ox eye daisy leaf is quite different from the Shasta with deep lobes. There are many white daisies that have been introduced from Eurasia as ornamental and herbal plants; however, the ox eye daisy has larger flower heads.

This daisy grows between 30 and 90 centimetres tall (1-3’). The stem is virtually hairless and have wavy leaves that clasp toward the stem. 

Thrives in direct sunlight and can tolerate high winds.

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