Cucumber - White Wonder Cuke (Cucumis sativus) NonGMO Organic White Heirloom Cucumbers Vegetable

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ucumber - White Wonder Cuke (Cucumis sativus) NonGMO Organic White Heirloom Cucumbers Vegetable


Excellent old time heirloom variety ca.1890.

This is an attractive white cucumber that originated in upstate New York. Black spined fruits are oval, 6 to 9 in long, and the skin is ivory white when fruit are young, becoming more of a creamy colour at full maturity. Crisp flesh is mild tasting & delicious. Very productive, and vigorous variety.

Plant in fertile soil, amended with compost or well rotted manure and keep well watered. Trellising the vines allows for good air circulation, takes up less space, and provides shade for heat sensitive crops like lettuce. Plants benefit from growing on black plastic and by using row covers for weed, insect control, and more rapid growth.

      • Full Sun
      • Soil: moist and moderately fertile will produce the best flower heads
      • Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 70 to 85ºF
      • Start seeds indoors 3 to 4 weeks before last frost. Provide 70 to 85ºF soil temperature. Sow 2 to 3 seeds per cell/pot at 1/2 to 1 in deep.  Transplant 36 to 48in apart after last frost. 
      • Note: sowing into individual biodegradable peat/cow pots reduces root damage when transplanting. 
      • OR Direct sow outdoors: sow after last frost when soil temperature is over 70ºF. Sow a few seeds every 36 to 48 in. 
      • Germinates 4 to 10 days
      • Spacing: 12 to 15 in apart.
      • Maturity 60 days
      • Harvest: Check and pick every day to keep the harvest flowing.
      • Blooms attract bees, birds and butterflies.
      • Seed Count: 10