Cornflower - Jubilee Gem ( Centaurea cyanus) Flowers Bachelor Button Flower

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Cornflower Jubilee Gem ( Centaurea cyanus) Jubilee Gem Batchelor Button Corn Flowers


Height 80 cm

Cornflower, also known as Bachelor Buttons, are grown on breezy tall stems that sprout brilliant blue blossoms from late spring into the summer. This variety, Jubilee Gem, is an older dwarf double variety that has the bluest of blues of older varieties and earns it the folk name 'blue bottle'. 

  • Suitable for containers, beds and great for cutting gardens and drying.
  • Deadhead occasionally
  • Will self seed generously
  • Was once used in the 17th century to sharpen eyesight as well as resolve pain and inflammation, which is why it is found in natural eye drops.
  • Full sun to part shade
  • Prefers well draining soils
  • Direct seed in early spring, cover seed slightly or start indoors; spacing 20-30 cm
  • Germinate in dark @20C and set out after danger of frost has passed
  • Attracts: perfect for butterfly gardens as it is a magnet for pollinators!
  • Seed Count: 25