Corn - Blue Hopi (Zea mays) Organic Non GMO Ancient Blue Corn Heirloom Vegetable

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Corn - Blue Hopi (Zea mays) Organic Non GMO Ancient Blue Corn Heirloom Vegetable


Height 6 ft

Absolutely stunning! This ancient, heirloom corn originates as a traditional food for the Hopi people in Northern Arizona. Hopi Blue Corn is a robust, drought-tolerant cultivar selected over many generations, and is well-adapted for harsh climates.

Upright plants grow 5 to 6 ft tall, are bushy with side shoots at the base that help prevent it from falling over. Pollen and tassels are a striking reddish purple color, with kernels appearing ivory-colored at first, and then develops into colors ranging from slate blue to brilliant turquoise (some surprise purples); ears typically are a beautiful smooth and silver blue color. Ear size is approximately 8 to 10 in long and typically plants produce 2 ears per stalk.

Hopi Blue Corn has an exceptional flavor and can be eaten as sweet corn when picked young and roasted, and also be dried and ground. Best known for use as sweet blue corn flour that has 30% higher protein levels than dent corns. Traditional cornmeal porridge or corn bread can also be made with Hopi Blue Corn and it also makes a great fall decoration with the stunning silvery blue-black ears!

  • Full Sun
  • Most corn is planted in late May and early June.
  • Direct sow into the richest soil available 1 to 2 weeks before last spring frost.
  • Succession planting prolongs harvest. 
  • Conventional corn is planted 1 to 2 in deep and 12 in apart. Hopi farmers plant deeper to catch moisture left from the winter’s melted snow, which lies deeper below the surface (It is this careful, continuous selection of the best strains of Hopi corn that has helped it adapt and thrive in a hot, dry climate for the past 2,000 years).
  • Planting in blocks improves pollination.
  • Sprouts in 7-10 Days
  • Ideal Temperature: 75-80 F
  • Extremely drought-tolerant thanks to its long, deep taproots; not frost hardy.
  • Fairly early to mature, typically ready for harvest at about 90 days from sowing. 

  • Seed Count: 25