Coreopsis - Lanceleaf – (Coreopsis lanceolata) Lanceleaf Coreopsis Heirloom Flower

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Coreopsis Flower Lanceleaf – (Coreopsis lanceolata) Lanceleaf Coreopsis Flowers


Height: 30-40 cm 

Lanceleaf Coreopsis, native to eastern North America; it has showy bright yellow flowers that bloom throughout June and July. Perfect for cutting gardens!

  • Start seeds indoors 4 weeks before last frost; seeds germinate in 5-25 days. Maintain soil temperature at 12-21°C (55-70°F) and provide a bright light. Transplant when seedlings are strong enough to handle after last frost has passed; direct sow seeds on the surface of the soil when frost danger has passed.
  • Deadhead often and do not feed, as fertilizers can reduce flowering. Coreopsis will adapt to many different soils, but prefers well drained, rich soil.
  • Prefers full sun but will tolerate a little shade if the soil is well drained.
  • Will self seed.
  • Attracts beneficial pollinators butterflies, bees and birds
  • Seed Count: 1 gr