Collards - Collard Greens - (Brassica oleracea var. viridis)- Collard Green Non GMO Vegetable

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Collards - Collard Greens - Vates (Brassica oleracea var. viridis)- Vates Collard Green Non GMO Vegetable

'Vates' collard plants are large upright plants that reach about twenty-four inches tall; this variety produces delicious dark-green leaves with a mild, cabbage-like flavour.

  • Bolt and frost resistant; veins do not turn purple.
  • Collards are biennial but treated as an annual.
  • Typically used for boiling for Southern-style greens.
  • Coated variety
  • Slow to bolt.
  • Optimal soil temperature: 10-30°C (50-85°F). Seeds should germinate in 7-10 days. Sow 3-4 seeds 5mm (¼”) deep in each spot you want a plant to grow. Thin to the strongest plant. Space 45-60cm (18-24″) apart in rows 75-90cm (30-36″) apart.
  • All collards are green and look similar to cabbage plants without the snowy head in the middle.
  • Cut and come again plant lets you keep harvesting! Just add butter.
  • Seed Count: 1 gr