Deerhorn Clarkia (Clarkia pulchella) Deer Horn Clarkia Ragged Robin Pink Fairies Wildflowers Heirloom Flower

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Deerhorn Clarkia (Clarkia pulchella) Deer Horn Clarkia Ragged Robin Pink Fairies Wildflowers Heirloom Flower


Height- 12 to 18 in

Clarkia pulchella, commonly known as Pink Fairies, Ragged Robin, Ragged Robin Clarkia, Deerhorn Clarkia, and Beautiful Clarkia, and is a usually leafy and branching plant that is quickly identified by the distinct dark pink petals, each of which have 3 lobes (the centre lobe being twice as wide as the outer lobes). A distinct feature of Clarkia pulchella is the pistil that appears to be a small white, multiple petaled flower in the centre of the blossom, and is accompanied by 4 fuschia pink stamens; there are also 4 shorter creamy white stamens which creates a very unique flower structure. Leaves are 2 to 3 in linear to spatulate, up to about 3 in long, and little reduced in the upper part of the plant.

The Clarkia genus contains 41 species. Clarkia pulchella was discovered by Meriweather Lewis in what is now Idaho in 1806. It was first described by William Clark in May, 1806, and was the first species described in the genus, which was later named for William Clark. Clarkia pulchella, it is found from southern British Columbia to southeastern Oregon and east to western Montana. This plant is a member of the evening-primrose family (family Onagraceae), which includes mainly herbs, rarely shrubs or trees with often showy flowers borne singly, in racemes or spikes, or in branched clusters. 

  • Full sun to part shade
  • Prefers well-draining soil in semi-shade; adapts to seaside conditions, sand, and clay.
  • Not great for transplanting; direct sow recommended. Seeds should be sown outdoors as this species does not transplant well. Direct sow your seeds on the surface of the soil 9 to 12 in apart in early spring, after the last frost date of your area. Keep the soil moist until germination, which should take place within 7-10 days.
  • OR start seeds indoors: 4 weeks before last frost date in a degradable pot with a loose soil mix; transplant seedlings outdoors, in the pot, 6 inch apart when all risk of frost has passed.
  • Germinates: 7 to 10 days
  • Harvest: After flowering, this plant will produce long, narrow pods that mature to a dark brown; the ripe seed will be light brown. Collect the ripe pods and spread them out away from direct sunlight to dry completely. Split the pods open to remove the seed. Store the seed in a cool, dry place.
  • Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds
  • Seed count: 10