Chamomile - Roman (Chamaemelum nobile) Organic Non GMO Roman Chamomile Flowers Herb Medicinal Herb Flower

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Chamomile - Roman (Chamaemelum nobile) Organic Non GMO Roman Chamomile Flowers Herb Medicinal Herb Flower


Height: 4 - 5 in

Chamaemelum nobile, commonly known as chamomile, is a low perennial plant found in dry fields and around gardens and cultivated grounds in Europe, North America, and South America.

Herbal or cosmetic use: chamomile products usually contain Roman or German chamomile. Both plants have many similarities and are often confused. Both contain the essential oil chamazulene, although German chamomile contains a higher concentrate. 

Roman Chamomile has a light, fresh apple fragrance, and German Chamomile smells more like sweet straw. Medicinally, both varieties are used for calming and soothing skin, inflammation, fevers, nervous and digestive systems, and for inducing perspiration to flush out toxins, allergen and infections.

The Latin name for Roman chamomile is most commonly given in aromatherapy and botanical books as Anthemis nobilis (Linnaeus), but there has been a growing trend of late to refer to this plant as Chamaemelum nobile. Both names are correct and do refer to the same plant and not a different sub-species.

Will self seed itself into the soil; and provide abundant growth likely to follow next year

  • Full sun
  • Prefers well drained soil
  • Blooms mid-summer; harvest young flowers the day they open.
  • Direct sow outdoors in early spring, scatter seed thinly and cover lightly with soil
  • Attracts beneficial insects and pollinators to the garden. Hoverflies, beneficial wasps, ladybugs, and honey bees are all attracted to chamomile. As an added benefit, chamomile has also been known to deter mosquitoes
  • Seed Count: 1/8 gr