Carrot - Lunar White (Daucus carota sativus) White Carrot Non GMO & Organic Heirloom Vegetable

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Carrot - Lunar White -(Daucus carota sativus)White Carrot non GMO & Organic Heirloom Vegetable



Lunar White is a delicious, mildly sweet heirloom variety that is a creamy 'moon' white with green shoulders that almost glows! Lunar White originates from the 1850's and is a french favorite. Great producer. Popularity is gaining for this beautiful white carrot. Excellent raw or cooked. Tapered tender roots grow 6-8 in long and is almost core-less with a crunchy and mildly sweet flavor...especially when picked young. Cooking enhances sweetness.

  • Germinates in 6-14 days. Optimum soil temperatures 60-85ºF. The cooler the soil the longer it takes for germination, up to 3 weeks.
  • Sow direct outdoors once the soil temp reaches 60-85 F. Plant seeds 1/4 in deep; sow lightly, thin to 1-3” apart
  • Or start seeds indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost date.  Transplant seedlings outdoors when all risk of frost has passed. Plant 1-3 in apart in the row so that each has room to develop on its own.
  • a fall harvest direct seed midsummer. Keep the soil moist until germination.
  • Harvest when carrots reach finger size for baby carrots.
  • Carrots planted for summer harvest will hold in the ground for a few weeks but tend to split if they stay in the ground too long. Late season carrots hold longer and become sweeter in the cooler weather.
  • row covers helps maintain moisture for germination. Carrots prefer well draining and loose soil.  Keep well weeded and cover any exposed carrot with soil or mulch to prevent greening at the tops.
  • roots will be 'hairy' if the soil has an excess of nitrogen
  • Excellent flavor and are very tender.
  • White carrots reduce the risk of lung, breast and colon cancer and are good for digestion. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in white carrots may also help with blood sugar regulation, delay the effects of ageing, and improve immune function.In the home garden, sow short rows of carrot seeds at two to three week intervals, and enjoy a much longer harvest window.
  • Seed Count: 1/2 gr