Broccoli - Di Cicco (Brassica oleracea var. italica) De Cicco Italian Heirloom Broccoli Organic Vegetable

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Broccoli - De Cicco (Brassica oleracea var. italica/di cicco) Di Cicco Italian Heirloom Broccoli Organic Vegetable 


Height 61 -91 cm 24-36 in

Broccoli Di Cicco is a vigorous, light-green plant with Italian origins from circa 1890. Plants produce 3 to 4 inch bluish green central head, with many medium sized side shoots for a prolonged harvest. Though not uniform at maturity, Di Cicco is noted to be the best tasting. This is a great choice for spring or fall planting. After the central head is harvested, a second yield of edible side shoots will develop.

  • Sow broccoli seeds in early March indoors, or in May and June for a fall harvest.
  • Start seedlings indoors 3 or 4 seeds per pot, 5 mm (¼ in) deep, under very bright light. Germinate @ 20 C in early March. Cover seeds lightly. Thin to the strongest plant. When seedlings are strong enough to handle; transplant out in May to 30cm apart.
  • SpacIng: space transplants 45-60 cm (18 to 24 in) apart in rows 75-90 cm (30 to 36 in) apart.
  • Matures 80 days from transplant
  • Seed count: 1 gram