Bachelor Button (Centaurea Cyanus) Batchelor Buttons Cornflower Jubilee Gem Flower

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Bachelors Buttons - (Centaurea cyanus) Jubilee Gem Flowers


Height: 80 cm

Excellent blue colour! Batchelor Button, also known as cornflower or bluebottle due to its similarity to blue glass, is a classic dwarf double variety (1 1/2 in blooms). The name reportedly comes from Victorian times when batchelor men wore this little flower in their buttonholes. adds wonderful dots of blue colour throughout the garden or borders.

  • Excellent for wildflower gardens!
  • Deadhead occasionally to promote flowering. Excellent self-seeder.
  • Prefers sun to part shade with well-draining soil
  • Direct seed in early spring, cover seed lightly or start indoors, germinate in dark @ 20C. Set out after frost danger. Spacing: 20-30 cm. Season: mid-summer to frost.
  • Attracts pollinators: birds, bees and butterflies
  • Seed count: 30