Ammi - Bishops Flower (Ammi majus) Laceflower Bullwort False Queen Anne Lace Flower

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Ammi majus, Ammi - Bishops Flower (Ammi majus) Laceflower Bullwort False Queen Anne Lace Flower


Height 3 ft

Ammi, also known as Bishop's Flower, False Bishop's Weed, Laceflower, Bullwort, and False Queen's Lace, is a fast growing annual and a member of the carrot family Apiaceae; native to North Africa and Eurasia and is naturalized throughout much of North America.

Ammi is highly ornamental and looks great in borders, cottage gardens and meadows. Tall upright stems produce an abundance of large rounded 6 in wide umbels of tiny snow white florets that are excellent as cut flowers; flower heads also provide a food source for pollinators and predatory insects including ladybirds, hover flies, bees and wasps, help to create a naturally balanced ecosystem for pest control.

Blooms mid to late summer. Leaves are edible; commonly used as an aromatic spice, which is said to taste like thyme.
  • Full sun to part shade
  • Soil: well draining - will not tolerate standing water
  • Start seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last frost.  Surface sow and cover seeds; wrap planted seedling trays or pots in plastic and place in the fridge for 1 to 2 weeks. After which, grow in a bright, cool place at 12 to 18 C. Transplants can be planted outdoors 3 to 4 weeks after last frost, or once the daytime temperatures are steadily above 10C (50 F).
  • OR direct sow outdoors in early spring when the soil is still cool and a light frost is still possible.
  • Can also be direct sown in late autumn.
  • Seed Count: 1/2 gr