Alyssum - White - New Carpet of Snow (Lobularia maritima)White Sweet Alyssum Flower Seeds

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Alyssum - White - New Carpet of Snow (Lobularia maritima) White Sweet Alyssum Flower Seeds

Height 10-12 cm, 4-5 in

Alyssum is an old time classic favourite herbaceous plant in the mustard family (Brassicaeae), and is a low growing flower species native to the Mediterranean and Canary Islands, known to thrive where other flowers struggle. Plants are just as popularly grown indoors as they are outdoors and may reseed in optimal climates.

Commonly known as Alyssum or Sweet Alyssum, the common name refers to the genus in which it was formerly classified. Sweet Alyssum is one the earliest and most fragrant blooms available. Perfect for rockeries and rock gardens; bears white flowers - just like new fallen snow; the tiny white flowers blanket these 6 inch plants very quickly. One plant can grow a foot wide in a couple of months. Great for containers, and is a good self seeder.

  • Seeds are most commonly broadcasted directly after the frost.
  • For earliest blooms, direct sow seeds in spring.
  • Seeds germinate from 7-21 days and do not cover.
  • Start seeds indoors 4 weeks before the last frost; cover seed lightly and transplant when seedlings are strong enough to handle, and all risk of frost has passed
  • Allow for 20 cm spacing
  • Matures in 60-75 days
  • Light: sun, light shade
  • Soil: not fussy
  • Spacing: 20cm
  • Season: early summer to frost.
  • Attracts bees and butterfly pollinators
  • Seed count: 10