Allium - Purple Allium (Allium hollandicum) Organic - Non GMO - Flower

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Allium - Purple Allium (Allium hollandicum) Organic - Non GMO - Flower

'Purple Sensation,' commonly known as Purple Sensation Allium, is a perennial bulbous plant belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family. This ornamental flowering plant is not typically cultivated for its medicinal properties.

Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' is a visually striking flowering perennial that adds a touch of elegance to gardens and landscapes. Its tall, slender stems rise gracefully, reaching heights of about 24 to 36 inches (60 to 90 cm). The flower heads, which emerge in late spring to early summer, form dense globes composed of numerous small, star-shaped flowers.

Each individual flower boasts a deep and captivating purple hue, creating a stunning visual impact. The blooms are complemented by the plant's slender, strap-like green leaves, which provide an attractive contrast.

This Allium variety is not only known for its vibrant aesthetics but also for its ability to attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, enhancing the overall biodiversity of the garden. 'Purple Sensation' Allium is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in well-drained soils and enjoys full sun exposure.

Its long-lasting flowers make it an excellent choice for cut flower arrangements, bringing the beauty of the garden indoors. With its unique and captivating appearance, Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' remains a popular choice among gardeners seeking to infuse their landscapes with a burst of color and visual allure. Healing Properties: While mainly grown for ornamental purposes, 'Purple Sensation' Allium is not known for significant healing properties.


Growing Instructions:

  • Full sun
  • Growing Season: Fall is the ideal time to plant Allium bulbs for spring blooms.
  • Prepare Seed Trays or Pots: Fill seed trays or pots with a well-draining organic seed-starting mix.
  • Sow Seeds: Plant the Purple Allium seeds at a depth of about twice their diameter.
  • Watering: Water the soil evenly, ensuring it stays consistently moist but not waterlogged. A gentle misting spray or a watering can with a fine rose attachment works well.
  • Provide Adequate Light: Place the trays or pots in a location with ample sunlight or under grow lights. Allium generally prefers full sun.
  • Maintain Warmth: Maintain a temperature between 60-70°F (15-21°C) for optimal germination. Consider using a heating mat if needed.
  • Thin Seedlings: Once seedlings emerge and develop a couple of leaves, thin them to ensure proper spacing and promote healthy growth.
  • Transplanting: When seedlings are sturdy enough, typically with a few sets of true leaves, transplant them into larger containers or directly into the garden.
  • Harden Off: Gradually acclimate seedlings to outdoor conditions by exposing them to sunlight and outdoor temperatures before transplanting into the garden.
  • Plant Outdoors: Plant the Purple Allium seedlings in the garden when the risk of frost has passed, following the recommended spacing for mature plants.
  • Provide Care: Water the plants consistently, and consider adding organic fertilizer if needed
  • Fertilization: Apply a balanced fertilizer in the spring when shoots emerge.
  • Maintenance: Remove spent flowers to encourage more blooms and cut back the foliage after it turns yellow.
  • Overwintering: 'Purple Sensation' Allium is hardy, but a layer of mulch can provide extra protection during colder winters.
  • Seed Count: 5