Phlomis - Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis russeliana (Sims) Bentham) Russel's Sage Cutting Flower

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Phlomis - Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis russeliana (Sims) Bentham) Russel's Sage Cutting Flower


Height 2 to 3 ft

Phlomis,( flame) is a striking and unusual species of flowering plant in the family (mint) Lamiaceae, and is native to Turkey and Syria; it is often confused with the closely related Phlomis samia, and is oftentimes wrongly marketed as Phlomis viscosa.

Commonly known as Hardy Jerusalem Sage and features fantastic whorled clusters of yellow hooded flowers on tall erect hairy stems and has interesting large heart shaped olive green leaves. Blooms early to the late summer. Winter foliage is very different - but equally striking!  It produces the largest seed pods when well-watered throughout its blooming period in June, and reproduces at a moderate rate by way of runners which are quite thick and break off rather easily, which makes it easy to keep it from spreading and to propagate it.

Jerusalem Sage also contains an essential oil that has antibiotic properties that are effective against common food-borne bacteria, and has been used for centuries for food preservation. The plant is native to Turkey and Syria, but has been common in English Cottage style gardens since the 1900's.
Tubers are edible.

  • Full sun will tolerate light shade
  • Average, sandy and clay soils
  • Can direct sow into prepared seed beds after all danger of frost, in groups of 3-4 seeds spaced 24 to 30 in apart. 
  • Seeds sometimes take up to 2 months to sprout, so it is best to start them indoors 2 to 3 months before the last spring frost. Plant in starter mix in cell packs or flats. Lightly cover with soil; keep temperature consistent at 65 F and keep soil moist but not saturated until seeds sprout.
  • Once sprouted, place in a sunny area that is protected from strong winds. Plant out after all risk of frost has passed.
  • Germination: 40 to 60 days
  • Water regularly in the first season to help it establish - drought tolerant in mild summer climates, provide moderate moisture where summers are hot.
  • Seed Count: 10