Burdock - Edible Burdock - Gobo (Arctium Lappa) Greater Burdock Thorny Burr Organic Non GMO Heirloom Herb

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Burdock - Edible Burdock - Gobo (Arctium Lappa) Greater Burdock Thorny Burr Organic Non GMO Heirloom Herb


Height 100 cm/ 3 ft

Burdock (Arctium lappa) also known as Greater Burdock, Gobō, Edible Burdock, Lappa, Beggar's Buttons, Thorny Burr, or Happy Major, is a species of plants in the family Asteraceae, and cultivated in many gardens for its root used as a vegetable.  Burdock is typically grown as an annual; seeds sown in the spring or summer will produce dig-able roots by late summer, and can be harvested through the winter. Typically it takes 2 years to flower and set seed. Not suitable for pots or containers.

Burdock root has similar sweetness to the carrot, and has an earthy flavour.  Known as 'Gobo' in Japan, Burdock Root (Arctium lappa) is a delicious food highly valued in Japan; it is often grated and included in ferments (Kimchi), or cooked as a main or side dish. Try  drying the roots for use in rehydrating in soups and stews, which adds a nutritional element to any meal. The taste is similar to that of an artichoke, which is a relative of burdock.

      • Full Sun to part shade
      • Soil: light sandy loamy and well draining
      • Sow at a depth of about 5 mm (1/8 inch) directly in the garden in spring and thin to 6 in apart if desired.
      • Germination: 1 to 2 weeks
      • Spacing: between plants: 50 to 60 cm (2 ft). 
      • 90 days to immature root.
      • 180 days to mature root.
      • Harvest:  about 16-18 weeks. Harvest roots in about 12 months when crisp and sweet
      • Young flower stalks may also be harvested in late spring, cooked and eaten as a vegetable
      • Burdock has no major pests. But maintenance ( deadheading and cutting) is needed to stop it spreading.
      • Seed Count: 10