Zinnia - Fiesta Zinnia Mix - Excellent Cut Flower Mixed Colours Zinnias Garden Flower

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Zinnia - Fiesta Zinnia Mix - Mixed Colours Zinnias Garden Flower


Heights: Varying

If you love colour...this mix is for you! We have made a special blend of our most popular zinnias for maximum garden impact. 

Here's the list:

Carary Bird - Yellow

Cherry Queen - bright red

Coral - intense orange

Dahlia Flowered - a mix of vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, soft pinks and whites

Giant Blue Point - crimson red, lilac, rose, canary yellow, deep blood red, white and bright orange

Giant Cactus - cactus dahlia-like blooms in bright corals, pinks and oranges

Giant Cactus Rose - double rose pink blooms 

Giant Purple - bold violet purple double blooms

Lime Green - spectacular neon lime green colour

Peppermint Stick - candy striped daisy like single blooms of variegated pink and white

Polar Bear - gorgeous double and semi-double blooms in creamy white

Pumila - semi dwarf variety with semi double to double blooms in yellow, orange, pink, purple and white blooms

Purple Prince - large richly toned blooms with contrasting yellow centres


  • This mix is a tossing mix. 
  • Zinnias do not respond well to transplanting; direct sowing is recommended after the last spring frost when night temperatures remian above 50 degrees.
  • Place the seeds in a small container or bucket and fill with sand - this will help broadcast the seeds further and evenly ( and lets you see where they are once tossed). Cover lightly with soil and water in lightly; keep moist until germination.

Seed Count: 2 grams (approx 200-225 seeds)