SOW Loved - Cottage Garden Wildflowers NonGMO Small Batch Cutting Flower Mix

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SOW Loved - Cottage Garden Wildflowers NonGMO Small Batch Cutting Flower Mix

Annual and Perennials

Height 6 in to 6 ft

We love Cottage Gardens!

This is a great starting mix of annual and perennial wildflowers to help you create your own Cottage Garden, and you can simply let them reseed or collect the seeds. You can also add some different seeds such as foxgloves, aquilegias, catmint and hollyhocks and create your very own unique Cottage Garden.

Great for areas with at least 5 to 6 hours of sun daily; poor soils - no problem!
Simple to maintain. At the end of the season, simply mow the area over and remove the brown material. Perennials will bloom in the second year and years to follow. Annuals will bloom in the first year and some will reseed themselves naturally; you can also add more or other annuals as the years go by. 

Here's 21 Of Our Favourite Cottage Garden Wildflowers:

  1. Blue Flax - blue perennial
  2. Baby Blue Eyes - light blue annual
  3. Baby's Breath - white annual
  4. Black Eyed Susan - yellow perennial
  5. California Poppy - gold annual
  6. Candytuft (Iberis) - white, pink perennial
  7. Coneflower - purple, pink perennial
  8. Coreopsis ( Lanceleaf) - yellow perennial
  9. Coreopsis (Plains) - gold and deep red annual
  10. Cornflowers - blue, pink and white annual
  11. Corn Poppy - red, pink annual
  12. Cosmos - yellow, pink, white, wine annual
  13. Evening Primrose - yellow perennial
  14. Gaillardia - red and yellow perennial
  15. Lupine - purple perennial
  16. Mexican Hat - red perennial
  17. Scarlet Flax - red annual
  18. Shasta Daisy - white perennial
  19. Sunflowers - gold annual
  20. Wallflower (Siberian) - orange perennial
  21. Wild Sweet William - multicoloured perennial

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