Watermelon - Crimson Sweet - Orange (Citrullus lanatus) Orange Non GMO Organic Heirloom Crimson Sweet Orange Melon Fruit

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Watermelon -  Crimson Sweet - Orange (Citrullus lanatus) Orange Non GMO Organic Heirloom Crimson Sweet Orange Melon Fruit



Crimson Sweet was developed by Charles V. Hall of the Kansas State University, Manhattan, and released in 1963. It is a cross between the Miles/Peacock and Charleston Gray watermelons., and an All-America Selection Winner in 1964. 

Crimson Sweet Orange Watermelons are pretty on the outside with boldly striped skin and have exceptionally bright orange flesh that is incredibly sweet, and almost seedless. Crimson Sweet Orange Watermelon is the sweetest of all watermelons, and produces melons that grow to be up to 25 pounds. 

 This variety needs a long growing season and is a wonderful addition to the family garden or to our farmer's market friends. Canadian gardeners are recommended to start seeds indoor and transplant outdoors when the risk of all frost has passed.

  • Early variety; good yields and fruit is uniform in size.
  • Fruit has a bright orange flesh, and a high sugar content.
  • For best results start seed indoors, 4 weeks prior to the last frost. Sow 2 to 3 seeds 1⁄2 in deep in 21⁄4 inches Jiffy strips or pots.
  • Provide a warm soil temperature (24-27 degrees C) and even moisture.
  • Leave the 2 best seedlings in each pot.
  • Save the seeds and sow again next season
  • Maturity: 80 days.
  • Seed Count: 10