Tomato - Cherry - Pomodoro (Solanum lycopersicum) Non GMO & Organic Cherry Tomato Italian Heirloom Vegetable

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Tomato - Pomodoro - Cherry (Solanum lycopersicum) Non GMO & Organic Cherry Tomato Italian Heirloom Vegetable



This small grape sized variety of red cherry tomato is very sweet and has a nice firm flesh. Crack tolerant and excellent for the home garden or containers. Originally from Naples, Italy; these tasty little treats are the perfect ingredient for pasta, tomato sauce or enjoy freshly picked.

  • Prefers full sun and well draining soil.
  • Tomatoes require a long growing season, and are best started indoors 6 weeks before the anticipated transplanting date and after the final frost of the spring. For best results, sow seeds ½" deep in a well-drained, soil-less starting 
  • Seeds require warm soil between roughly 65-90 degrees F
  • Transplant seedlings when they are strong enough to handle and frost danger has passed. Dig a small hole in the center of the planting mix. Carefully remove your tomato plant from its original pot and plant it deep enough so only the top 4 -6 leaves show once you cover it back up.
  • Cherry tomatoes are often grown in containers and can hang down as they grow or you can plant using uprights/cages, plants need spacing of 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet between plants and 2 to 2 1/2 feet between rows in a garden bed. Tomatoes need plenty of room between plants for good air circulation and provide access for care and harvest.
  • Matures in 75 to 80 days
  • Seed Count: 10