Zinnia – Jim Baggett's (Zinnia elegans) Baggett's Multicoloured Zinnias Flowers Cutting Flower Mix

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Zinnia – Jim Baggett's (Zinnia elegans) Baggett's Multicoloured Zinnia Flowers Cutting Flower Mix


Height 2-3 ft

Awesome blooms; large (10-12cm) dahlia or cactus type flower heads in double and semi-double forms. Colours include yellow, apricot, orange, peach, red, pink and magenta with some two toned flowers in the mix. Great for great cut flowers. Bred by Oregon State vegetable breeder Jim Baggett.

  • Zinnias do not respond well to transplanting; recommend direct sow outdoors after the last frost has passed. If you want to try starting some indoors in coir pots with well draining soil about 6-8 weeks before planting out ensure that a soil temperature of 21-26°C (70-80°F) is maintained. Seeds should germinate in 5-24 days. Best to just cover Zinnia seeds lightly; final spacing of 25-30cm (10-12″) between plants.
  • Attracts honey, bumble and solitary bees
  • Seed count: 20 seeds