Tarragon - (Tagetes lucida) Mexican Winter Certified Organic & Non GMO Herb

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Tarragon-(Tagetes lucida) Mexican Winter Certified Organic & Non GMO Herb

Half Hardy Annual

Height 24 to 36 in 

Mexican Mint Marigold; Tagetes lucida (not to be confused with Mexican Mint/Coleus amboinicus, synonym Plectranthus amboinicus, which is a semi-succulent perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae with a pungent oregano-like flavour and odour) 

This variety is Mexican Mint Marigold, and is a perennial plant native to Mexico and Central America, commonly called Mexican Marigold; also known as: False Tarragon, Spanish tarragon, winter tarragon, Texas tarragon and Mexican Tarragon; this variety is a cousin of the marigold and is a heat loving plant that may survive as a perennial in Zone 8 but best to treat as a half hardy annual in cooler climates.

Golden Yellow Mexican Tarragon flower petals show up in late summer and autumn, and are edible, and can be used to make teas that treat the common cold, intestinal gas, headaches and diarrhea. As an herb used in cooking, it provides complimentary savoury flavours to egg and meat dishes; leaves have a sweet anise flavour. Great to flavour soups and vinegars.

The leaves have a tarragon-like licorice scent, with hints of anise, and it has entered the nursery trade in North America as a tarragon substitute and culinary herb; it is neither a mint nor a tarragon, and it is also used as a medicinal plant. This is a large plant that can reach up to 3 ft by similar width and makes a great statement plant. 

  • Full sun - sheltered position
  • Sandy well draining soil
  • Start seeds indoors; just cover the seeds with vermiculite and provide a soil temperature of 21-25°C (70-75°F).
  • OR direct sow seeds in early spring after all risk of frost has passed. 
  • Seed germination takes 5 to 15 days. Plants require all-day sunshine and will grow anywhere tomatoes, peppers or basil will grow
  • Germination: seeds should sprout in 4 to 14 days. The seedlings are somewhat prone to damping off; transplant the seedlings out in May when they are strong enough to handle.
  • Spacing 12 - 15 in
  • Add some leaves to a salad mix or chop up and add to tuna salad, potato salad, or pasta.  Flavour balances black pepper, lemon, and pear flavours wonderfully. 
  • Seed Count: 1/4 gram