Sow Liberating - Open Pollinated Heirloom Flower Mix Liberty Cutting Flower Gardens Mix

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Sow Liberating - Open Pollinated Heirloom Flower Mix Liberty Cutting Flower Gardens Mix

Perennials biennials and annuals

Height ranges from 12 in to 12 ft

 Wow. Check out this amazing and colourful mix of the prettiest flower blooms! Perfect for cottage gardens, borders and cutting flower gardens. This mix has numerous perennials, biennials and some annuals.

Here's What's in The Liberty Cutting Flower Mix: 

  1. Calendula (Bright Orange and Yellow Mix)
  2. Nigella Sativa (White)
  3. Lupins (Purple)
  4. Foxgloves ( Pink)
  5. Red Campion (Fuschia Pink)
  6. Shasta Daisy (White)
  7. Breadseed Poppies (Red and Purple)
  8. Poppy - Flanders Poppy (Red)
  9. Sunflowers (Yellow)
  10. Yarrow (White)
  11. Chives - Garlic Chives ( Purple Blooms)
  12. Field Pennycress - Excellent for Cut Flower Arrangements
  13. Flower of An Hour ( Hibiscus) (White)
  14. Hollyhocks- Mixed colours (including Scarlet, White, Yellow, Peach and Pink)
  15.  Cornflowers ( Blue and Magenta Pink)
  16. Double Daisies - packed full of white petals
  17. Feverfew - small daisy like flowers

 Blooms early spring to late summer; varying heights for lots of visual interest! Many of these flowers are edible and look fantastic as a garnish too!

Here's what's not in the mix: No fillers. No Vermiculite. No grass seed. Just flower seeds.

Easy Peasy Liberty Cutting Flower Sowing Instructions:

  • Start by preparing an area that is part to full sun to part sun with free draining soil.
  • Place your flower mix a bucket (optional: mix with fine sand so it broadcasts evenly and you see where the seed/sand lands).
  • Toss your mix onto the prepared (bare) site, lightly cover with soil after all risk of frost has passed.
  • Water in the area lightly for the first 2 weeks and until the seedlings are established.
  • Water periodically.
  • Watch your cutting flower garden grow into a beautiful pollinator magnet! This blend attracts butterflies, birds, and bees.
  • Enjoy your cut flowers daily.
  • When the blooms are done simply let your flowers reseed themselves or you can harvest them when they are ready and simply add in the spring.

Low maintenance

Good for Raised Beds and Open Areas with Full Sun to Part Sun
Use for bare areas; prepare other areas by removing any grass.

Limited Quantity is available. 

Seed Count: Mix 20 grams; all flower seeds.