Scarlet Flax – (Linum grandiflorum) Flowering Flax Red Flax Crimson Flax Wildflower Flowering Herb

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Scarlet Flax – (Linum grandiflorum) Flowering Flax Red Flax Crimson Flax Wildflower Flowering Herb


Height: 12 to 24 in

Scarlet Flax, Linum grandiflorum, is a species of flax known by several common names, including flowering flax, red flax, scarlet flax, and crimson flax. It is native to Algeria, and known elsewhere in Northern Africa, Southern Europe and in several locations in North America, as an introduced species. 

This is a hardy, heat and drought-tolerant annual and is a flowering herb. Scarlet Flax is adorned with glossy, vibrant scarlet red flowers that have five petals, and the stamens are covered in blue pollen. Flowers last only a few hours, and the plants bloom in profusion all day from April and September. 

Flax seeds are shiny due to the high oil content, and they are used to produce linseed oil, which is used in baking and in bulk-forming laxatives. Flax fibre, which is stronger than cotton, is taken from the skin of the stem, and used to make linen fabric, rope, and twine.

  • Full sun
  • Prefers soil somewhat low in fertility.
  • Performs best in cooler climates and will tolerate mild frosts; in colder climates they can be direct sown outdoors in the fall for late spring bloom. Direct seeding in fall or early spring is recommended; scatter the seeds and rake them into the soil, covering them 1/8 in deep and press them into the ground to make contact.
  • OR start seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date.
  • Spacing: 4 to 6 in (10 to 15 cm.) apart 
  • Seed Count: 40