Red Campion - Red Catchfly (Silene dioica) Wildflower Open Pollinated Heirloom Meadow Flower

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Red Campion - Red Catchfly (Silene dioica) Wildflower Open Pollinated Heirloom Meadow Flower


Height: 2-3 ft ( 60-90 cm) 

Red Campion (family Caryophyllaceae), also known as Red Catchfly, is a low maintenance wildflower that self seeds; female flowers, borne on separate plants are followed by seed capsules that open when ripe and disperse their seeds. These are easily recognizable when ready to harvest pick off capsule and place where ever you want more of these plants or store for later use. Red Campion attracts beneficial pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies. 

Medicinal uses: Campions (of any species) were once used to treat internal bleeding, kidney disease, sores and ulcers, and stings. Healers also used it to treat warts and corns. In parts of Spain and Italy, the plant was sometimes used for digestive disorders

Red Campion is easiest to propagate from seed. Start indoors 3 weeks before end of last frost and transplant into garden when seedlings are tough enough to handle.

  • Direct sow outdoors early spring or, in the late fall when the grown is cooler but not frozen; seeds will not begin to germinate, until spring.
  • Prefers full sun to part shade
  • Red Campion produces copious amounts of seed and will readily self-seed. You will never have to buy this seed again!
  • Deadheading encourages further flowering. To encourage self-seeding, don't mulch around the plants and leave the ground undisturbed around dead plants and seedlings will appear in spring.
  • Blooms late spring to early summer; blooms smell like cloves at evening time only and flowers remain open at night.
  • Can be grown in containers
  • Drought tolerant
  • Seed Count: 1 gr