Poppy – Black Peony (Papaver Sommiferum) Black Flowers Peony Poppy Flower

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Poppy – Black Peony (Papaver Sommiferum) Black Flowers Peony Poppy Flower


Height: 31 in

Striking! Black Peony Poppies are highly unusual, and a hard to find variety of poppy! Makes a fantastic stand alone feature or great in cottage gardens, borders and cutting flower gardens.

This stunning summertime flower has huge fully double and fringed (10 cm or 4 in across) blooms with tightly packed petals that resemble a double peony in the deepest purple available- so dark, they appear black. The dramatic, peony-like flowers open for one day, and blooms appear from July through September.  Leaves are smooth and lettuce like.

  • Full sun
  • Soil: not fussy
  • Spacing: 20cm or 8-10 in
  • Poppies are tap-rooted and do not take well to transplanting, direct sowing is recommended; sow the seeds in flowering position in early spring or fall and cover lightly. Sow seeds in the fall for early blooms in the spring.
  • OR start indoors 4-5 weeks prior to last frost; transplant outdoors after all risk of frost has passed. Plant entire pot (remove container) and plant without disturbing roots.
  • Germinates in 14-21 days
  • Deadheading will encourage new blooms.
  •  Attracts
  • Seed Count: 50