Onion - Walla Walla (Allium cepa) Organic Non GMO Onions Heirloom Vegetable

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Onion - Walla Walla (Allium cepa) Organic Sweet Spanish - Non GMO Onions Heirloom Vegetable



This onion variety are less acidic and sweeter tasting than typical onions...and best eaten fresh! Originally found in Corsica and brought to the USA, Walla Walla was named after Walla Walla County and translates to 'many waters' by the Native American Plateau tribes. 

This variety will produce slightly larger bulbs as fall crops, versus spring sown onions. Annually harvested, Organic Walla Walla onions grow sweet 3-6" bulbs by late summer. Long edible green stems can be picked and used as green onions once they reach 8" tall.

As biennials, fall-sown Organic onions can overwinter and will grow large pale-yellow to white bulbs by next spring harvest, as soon as their tops completely dry and fall over. Packed with vitamins and are known to help lower blood pressure. Cool hardy vegetable. Matures 90-110 days.

  • Full sun
  • Soil should be well-tilled, nitrogen-rich, with a pH of 6.0-7.0.
  • Direct sow 6 to 8 weeks prior to final spring frost or about 4 to 6 weeks before the first autumn frost.
  • OR start seeds indoors for early starts and transplant after all risk of frost has passed.
  • For outdoor sowing, create a shallow 1" deep trench for a minimum of 12".
  • Onion seed is very small, so sprinkle generously into the trench and lightly cover with about 1/4" of soil.
  • As seedlings begin to sprout from the row, trim back to favor the strongest starts every 4 to 6 in apart
  • Matures in 90 -100 days
  • Harvest: most onions sown in the spring are ready for harvest about 90 days from sowing and seeds planted in the fall can mature as early as May or June the following year. Onions are ready to harvest once the plants" greens have dried out, yellowed, and begun to bow over. Loosen the soil from the bulb to check for consistent coloring while allowing the bulb to further dry.
  • Storage: sweet onions do not store as well as more pungent yellow and brown varieties.
  • Seed Count: 1 gram