Sow Easy Children's Garden Kit - Non GMO & Organic

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Sow Easy Children's Garden Kit

Great selection of colourful garden favourites that are fast growing and fun for kids to watch as they germinate and mature!

  1. Sunflower - Giant Mongolian Sunflower: 20 seeds
  2. Pumpkin - Large Size Variety: 5 seeds
  3. Cherry Tomatoes: 10 seeds
  4. Blue Bachelor Buttons (Edible): 35 seeds
  5. Radish - Watermelon Radish: 40 seeds
  6. Summer Salad Lettuce Mix (1 gram)
  7. Nantes Carrots ¼ gram): 200 seeds
  8. Painted Mountain (multi-coloured) Corn: 15 seeds

Total Seed Count: 925 seeds

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