Bergamot - Lemon Mint Bergamot (Monarda Citriodora) Lemon Bee Balm Bergamot Monarda Herb

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Lemon Mint Bergamot – Bee Balm (Monarda Citriodora) Lemon Bee Balm Bergamot Monarda



Height: up to 100 cm

  • Knee high plants produce masses of tiered whorls of pink and purple blossoms that grow in clusters 10 cm across up the stems at intervals.
  • Entire plant is scented of lemon and mint
  • Blooms summer to fall; edible flowers
  • Full Sun; will tolerate part shade
  • Spacing: 30 cm
  • Direct seed after frost danger or start indoors 8 weeks before last frost. Cover seed
  • Germinates @ 18 C
  • Can self seed; seeds are easy to collect for seed saving.
  • Flower stems are good for cut flowers and dry well
  • deadhead regularly
  • The dried flowers can be used in tea.
  • Harvesting: seeds can be harvested 1-3 weeks after the flowers bloom. Bend the stems over a paper bag, when the brown seeds start dropping, they are ready to harvest.
  • used for herbal remedies for high cholesterol and fats in the blood, anxiety, joint pain etc
  • All bergamots are highly attractive to honeybees and other pollinators.
  • Seed Count: 1 gram