Chive - Common Chive (Allium schoenoprasum) Common Chives non GMO & Organic Vegetable Herb

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Chives - Common Chive - (Allium schoenoprasum) non GMO & Organic Vegetable Herb


Height 10-12 in

This variety of chive is your all around regular delicious chive. 

Common chives consist of clumps of small, slender bulbs that produce thin, tubular, blue-green leaves reaching 10-15 inches in height. After producing delicious and mildly onion flavoured leaves, it sends up a globe-shaped cluster of edible pink flowers that attracts all kinds of bees. You can used the pretty purple flowers in salads or as a side dish garnish.

Chives can also be grown as companion plants to repel aphids, and also to attract beneficial predatory insects and pollinators to your garden.

  • Attracts butterflies
  • tiny, star-shaped, creamy white flowers bloom with striped tepals in loose clusters from late summer through fall. 
  • Some gardeners report that mature plants can reach up to 3 feet tall as they are very easy to grow and care for.
  • Direct sow after all risk of frost has passed.
  • OR start indoors 4 weeks prior to last frost; sow seeds 1/4 in deep in free draining soil; keep soil moist until germination. Transplant when soil warms up and all risk of frost has passed.
  • Full Sun light shade
  • Seed Count: 50