Cabbage - Bok Choy (Canton Bok) Non GMO Organic Pak Choi Cabbage Vegetable

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Cabbage - Bok Choy (Canton Bok) Non GMO Organic Cabbage Vegetable


Also known as Pak Choi; this is a non-heading leaf type cabbage that grows in clusters of long standing 30 cm high celery like stocks. Mildly pungent and flavourful.

  • Hardy in cold weather, grows quickly and slow to bolt
  • Sow indoors 6 weeks before setting out in early spring; germinate @ 20C. Cover seeds lightly and transplant out when seedlings are tough enough to handle. Spacing: 40 cm apart. Matures 50 days from setting out.
  • Nice addition to soups, sauces or stir fries
  • Seed Count: 50