Alstroemeria Lily (Alstroemeria) Peruvian Lily, Parrot Lily, Lily of the Incas Flower Open Pollinated

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Lily (Alstroemeria) Peruvian Lily Flower

Also known as Parrot Lily, Princess Lily, and Lily of the Incas

The common name of this little speckled dazzler is Peruvian Lily, and/or Lily of the Incas - this variety is native to the cool mountain regions of South America, and have become naturalized in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Madeira and the Canary Islands. These are tuberous perennials ( used for storing food) and are not true lilies, but are just as beautiful with their bright orange and speckled petals! Open pollinated Heirloom variety.


Height 24-36 in

  • Part sun to sun
  • prefers evenly moist well draining soil
  • prolific seed producer; harvest seed when mature and let dry for several months. Soak seeds overnight. Scarify outer skin by rubbing surface with an emery board. Sow seeds in the fall OR 6 weeks prior to last frost: fill a bag with lightly moistened seed starting mix (sand, vermiculite or perlite) and place dried seeds into the bag and place in fridge for 2-4 weeks (stratification) Ensure mix remains slightly moist. Sprout indoors and transplant when seedlings are strong enough to handle and 2 inches tall and when all risk of frost has passed. Mound up little hills (like squash) and plant allowing for spacing of 9-12 inches per plant.
  • deadheading not necessary
  • Makes a great container plant, cutting flower gardens and because its stems are taller and foliage is sparse, use it at the back of a border or in amongst bushier plants
  • attracts pollinator bees
  • Seed count: 6