Anise Hyssop - Licorice Mint (Agastache foeniculum) Agastache Giant Blue Hyssop Heirloom Herb

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Anise Hyssop - Licorice Mint (Agastache foeniculum) Agastache Giant Blue Hyssop Heirloom Herb


Height 4 ft

Anise Hyssop is a genus of aromatic flowering herbaceous perennial plants in the family Lamiaceae. The foliage smells distinctly like black licorice when crushed, thus its common names, Agastache or Licorice Mint. Anise Hyssop is an upright, clump-forming perennial of the mint family, and is native to parts of the upper Midwest and Great Plains (Wisconsin to Ontario west to British Columbia and south to Colorado).

This variety is one of the easiest and most rewarding perennials to grow; plants produce gorgeous lavender blue, bottle brush-like flowers on strong, upright stems and blooms from midsummer to late fall. This plant is an excellent choice for adding color to the garden late in the season after many other plants have finished. 

Infused in tea, Anise Hyssop can be used to relieve congestion, acting as an expectorant (clearing mucus from lungs and airways). A cold-infusion can be used to relieve chest pains caused by excessive coughing, and mixed with licorice, it can be used to treat respiratory infections and bronchitis. Anise hyssop has been used by North American First Nations people as a breath-freshener, as a tea and as a sweetener. An infusion of the herb was used for chest pains, and the roots were used for coughs. Agastache is used in Chinese prescriptions for heatstroke, headache, fever, and angina. Excellent for iced tea!

  • Full sun; will tolerate part shade
  • Start seeds indoors 8 weeks prior to last frost in well draining soil. Surface sow and water in lightly. Transplant outdoors after four leaves form and all risk of frost has passed.
  • OR direct sow outdoors in fall.
  • Spacing: 12-15 in apart
  • Germinates 20-30 days
  • Harvest: the best time to harvest foliage (to dry) is when flowers are just past full bloom, as the oil content in the leaves is the highest at that time, and can be used at any time.
  • Seed Count: 25