Sow Lettuce Begin - A Salad Lover's Lettuce Sampler - 12 Varieties Non GMO Lettuce Vegetable

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Sow Lettuce Begin - A Salad Lover's Lettuce Sampler - 12 Varieties Non GMO Lettuce Vegetable

An amazing 'sampler' of  8  lettuce packs with 12 different varieties of Non GMO lettuce seeds!

A salad lover’s dream. The perfect kit to try a variety of healthy leafy greens!

Looking for an affordable option to try different lettuce varieties?                                           

Our lettuce sampler gives you oodles of choice! Our kit has 8 non-GMO samplings of 12 different lettuce seeds. Way better tasting than store bought produce, and lasts a whole lot longer in the fridge should you wish to pick them ahead of time or, simply pick them as you need them and enjoy the fresh crisp flavours. These seeds will provide you with numerous plants for your edible lettuce garden.

 Sow Lettuce Begin Kit

This kit has 12 different varieties of lettuce:

  1. Arroyo: Romaine lettuce. Good fresh market variety. One of the most upright of all Romaines with a V shaped base making it an excellent choice for blanched hearts-of-romaine. Great for spring and fall production.
  2. Spring Mix: a great little mix of chicory, endive and erba stella (star grass or skinny arugula).
  3. Red Leaf Boston: tender and crisp with a mild, nutty sweet flavor. Red Boston is an attractive addition to any salad with its mix of red, purple yellow and green foliage.
  4. Romaine: Romaine D’Inverno or ‘Marvel of Winter’. This is a cold resistant and beautiful Italian variety of romaine that has a compact tender open head, ruffled green leaves and has a round core. Spring and fall production.
  5. Buttercrunch: plants form a tight rosette of soft, dark green upward facing leaves that encircle a paler heart center (Bibb type). The small hearts do not become bitter in hot weather. Good choice for later plantings that do well in the fall and great for starting in spring cold frames.
  6. Little Gem: also known as Sucrine; this variety is a sweet crisp and compact lettuce that resembles romaine hearts. Perfect choice for vinaigrettes and grilling.
  7. Rouge D’Hiver: This romaine variety is known as Cimmaron, and is a european heirloom variety that was first introduced in the 1800’s. Rouge D’hiver has large, flat, broad leaves that are sweet and have a buttery texture. Gorgeous colors ranging from green to bronze to deep red. Quick growing. Heat and cold resistant.
  8. Baby Leaf’s Lettuce Mix: great mix containing
  • Grand Rapids - best known loose leaf lettuce variety that produces medium to large upright, light green leaves. Mild and flavorful leaves are frilly and crisp. Fast growing.
  • Royal Oak Leaf - long standing oak leaf lettuce with good heat resistance. This variety develops beautiful rosettes of deeply lobed sea green leaves. This variety is an improved version of the standard oak leaf lettuce
  • Curled Red Leaf – loose leaf lettuce - known for its ruffled red edges; this variety is mild, tender and has a sweet flavour. Leaves are red, soft and pliable with a crunchy stem.
  • Ruby Leaf Lettuce – this variety is an early variety. Produces good yields of bright green to ruby red leaves and is excellent for adding color to salads or used as a garnish. Heat tolerant and slow to bolt and does not fade in the hot weather.


Lots of interesting textures, flavors and colors in our Baby Leaf Lettuce mix.

Each variety approximately 50 seeds each; 450 seeds.

 Limited quantities are available. Valid until May 4, 2022 or while supplies last.