Bee-autiful Blooms Deluxe Flowers Garden Kit to Attract Beneficial Pollinators Flower

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Bee-autiful Blooms Deluxe Flower Garden Kit to Attract Beneficial Pollinators AND GLORIOUS COLOR!

This is a gorgeous selection ( 50 grams) of perennials and annuals profuse with blooms of purples, oranges and yellows. A statement garden including our mothers day special blend kit including asters, nasturtium, cosmos, verbena, lupines, red hot poker, morning glory and sweet peas. Blooming Awesome! 

    1. Poppies Bread seed, Corn and Shirley Grey
    2. Foxglove purple
    3. Cornflower
    4. Calendula
    5. African daisy
    6. Shasta Daisy
    7. Sunflowers
    8. Zinnia-Giant Blue
    9.  Mothers Day Mixed Flower Garden Kit

      All seed. NO filler. No grass seed.

      This is a fantastic mix for areas in full sun; sprinkle over bare earthed areas.                    Simply add our special blend of flower seeds with a handful or two of sand and place both in a large bucket - sprinkle this over any bare soil or area in full sun.  The sand will help disperse the seeds and show you where they are landing. Cover the seeded area lightly with soil and ensure you water the newly spread seeds in well.

      In a few weeks your garden will begin to sprout! And will continue to blossom for years to come. Yes, its that easy to have a beautiful pollinator attracted garden with blooms in hot colors of yellows, purples, oranges and golds.

      No filler - just flower seeds!

      Bumbleseeds offers our unique flower mix without grass seed. Other seed companies offer seed mixes in 7 oz. bags that contain .84 oz of actual seed! The rest of the bag (174.64 oz) is filler - grass seed and vermiculite. And, grass seed thrives on and competes for the same nutrients as your flowers. Grass takes over.

      Seed Count: 50 grams of flower seeds. All seed. NO filler. No grass seed.